Maintenance Service Agreement

A Maintenance Service Agreement is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure a safer, healthier system with increased comfort, efficiency & reliability.


18 Ways Why You Will Benefit
As Member Of The FisherAir
Maintenance Agreement Family

(1) Diagnostic Service Call:
We promise you will experience better reliability and comfort with a proper maintenance service provided by FisherAir. So certain are we that should your system experience an unexpected failure during normal business hours, we will come to your home and diagnose the system for free when you authorize the repair at time of service.
(2) 20% Discount on Repairs:
If your system ever needs a repair, you will save 20% off the listed retail amount. You never pay full price.
(3) Front of the Line Priority Service Guarantee:
As a maintenance agreement owner, you will always receive priority service and that is a nice thing for you, especially in the middle of the winter cold or the summer heat when demand is high.
(4) Free Extended Warranty on Repairs:
Maintenance agreement customers receive better protection and peace of mind with a total “FisherAir 5-year parts and labor repair warranty” at no additional charge on most repairs instead of the industry standard of one year.
(5) Peace of Mind:
If you ever need service, no need to panic! You have the FisherAir Team is just a phone call away, know you, your system and understand your needs.

(6) After Hours Service Call Discount:
If you should unexpectedly need service emergency, your ServicePlus maintenance agreement qualifies you for a 50% discount on the after hour’s service charge so you never pay full After Hours Emergency price.
(7) Heating Maintenance Service & Safety Inspection:
Included with every maintenance service agreement is an annual inspection to test the operations and components of the heating system for safe operation, health, comfort and efficiency. We analyze the gas combustion to test the furnace efficiency and to minimize possible carbon monoxide exposure.
(8) Cooling Maintenance Service & Safety Inspection:
Every year an annual air conditioning inspection service is performed to insure the cooling system is operating safely, efficiently and providing reliable comfort as designed.
(9) New Equipment, Air Duct System & Indoor Air Quality Products Discount:
Systems don’t last forever however, when the time comes to replace your home’s comfort system you will save 5% just for being part of the FisherAir Family!

(10) Reasonable Equipment Life Expectations:
Nothing lasts forever, however all manufacturers agree that a system maintained properly will provide better reliability, have fewer breakdowns and help ensure the system’s reasonable and economical life expectancy. That’s what we want for you!
(11) Cleaner-Healthier Indoor Air:
A maintenance service agreement means regular air filter changes. This not only helps keep your system and air ducts cleaner, it can also help provide healthier indoor air for you and your family to breathe.

(12) Maximum Energy Efficiency & Lower Utility Usage:
A maintenance service agreement helps your cooling and heating system operate more efficiently, maximize energy savings and help reduce operating costs. This means lower overall ownership costs.
(13) Protects Your Investment And System Warranties, Meets Manufactures’ Maintenance Recommendations:
All manufactures recommend proper annual maintenance to not only maintain safety, health, comfort efficiency but to also protect warranties by following manufactures equipment care guidelines that helps avoid possible premature failures caused by improper care.

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(14) Multiple System Discount:
You will save an additional 10% off the agreement amount for each additional system at the same address.
(15) Guaranteed Arrival Within Hours, NOT DAYS:
As a part of the FisherAir Maintenance Service Agreement Family, we guarantee service within 24 hours of your call, not days!
(16) Transferable:
The agreement is transferable to your new home within our service area.
(17) Greater Reliability & Comfort Expectations:
All manufacturers’ recommend and agree that a system properly maintained will be safer, healthier, achieve better comfortable, and have greater efficiency and reliability. Your heating and air conditioning system will have fewer unexpected breakdowns and goes a long way in helping reach a reasonable and economical life expectancy.
(18) 30-Day Repair & Replace It Protection:
When we make a repair and you decide later to replace it, you will receive a credit of that repair up to $200 towards a FisherAir replacement system of your choice.



Ensure your Family’s Safety with:

  • An installed Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Know your family is safe from poisonous fumes
  • Keep your Air Clean through Clean Ducts


Keep your Family Healthy with:

  • Reduce Dust and Dust Mites
  • Mold and Mildew Reduction
  • Reducing Pollen and Animal Dander


Help your Family feel Comfortable with:

  • Consistent Temperature
  • Low Humidity
  • Quite Operation
  • Every Room Comfortable


Get Peace of Mind with:

  • Lower Monthly Energy Bills
  • Reducing Negative Environmental Impact
  • Run your system less, with less cost